Get route list. You need to specify ob_top_name or ob_top_id and ob_name or ob_id to go further in the structure

required parameters
ob_top_id or ob_top_name
optional parameters
ob_id or ob_name and incl_children
response format
parameter reference

ob_top_id – Top Object id – unique

ob_top_name – Top Object name – not unique

obr_id – id of this route

obr_name – name of route if set

obr_start_time – start time

obr_stop_time – stop time

obr_time – duration of the route in seconds

obr_distance – distance of the route in meters

obr_speed – average speed of the route in meters per second

obr_inclination – difference in meters between altitude of start and end point

obr_begin_address – address of gps coordinates from first point of route

obr_end_address – address of gps coordinates from last point of route

obr_user_id – id of the user who recorded route

obr_user_name – name of the user who recorded route

incl_children – get route from all child objects