create time entry for Top Object

required parameters
ob_top_id or ob_top_name to specify Top Object
optional parameters
response format
parameter reference

ob_top_id – Top Object id – unique

ob_top_name – Top Object name – not unique

te_id – entry id – unique

te_work_type – work type id from work_type_list

te_work_type_name – name of the work type

te_date – due date for time entry

te_units – calculated units of time

te_ob_id – object id associated with this entry

te_ob_name – object name associated with this entry

te_start_time – start time for entry if set

te_end_time – end time for entry if set

user_name – name of the user that created entry

user_id – id of the user that created entry

te_flow – approvement status 0 submitted, -1 rejected, 1 approved

te_text1..te_text5 – text fields associated with entry

working example