General options

Variables “query” and “apikey” are required in every function. Each query must be url-encoded, for example if you specify project name as “new project” encoded parameter should be new%20project where space “ “ is encoded as %20. This is standard url-encoding. Use this website to encode specific characters

  1. apikey – each query must include „apikey” variable for authentication. Each enterprise type account has its own apikey.
  2. output – for each query you can add „output” variable that can have value:
    „csv” – separation by semicolon, each value inside quotation “”, line break with \n\r
    „html” – content in each field in separate , each line in separate
    „” (empty or no variable) – lines returned like with csv format but lines separated with
  3. header – specifies whether return header at the beginning of data, header consist of field names, default 1, set to 0 to disable
  4. limit – limit returned records 0 – infinite (default)
  5. query – name of query function. For different queries there are required and optional parameters to set