Check property list change. Check changes made to property lists in selected Top Object

required parameters
(ob_top_id or ob_top_name) to specify Top Object
optional parameters
(prl_id or prl_name) to restrict to property list, change_type
response format
parameter reference

ob_top_id – Top Object id, unique

ob_top_name – Top Object name, not unique

prl_id – id of the property list

prl_name – name of the property list

change_type – type of the change in property list

change_type_desc – description of the change

old_value – old value of changed attribute (can be empty)

new_value – new value of changed attribute

date – date of the change

user_id – id of the user that made the change, unique

user_name – name of the user that made the change, not unique


change_type allowed values: