Get property data for single property (pr_id) or for property by name (pr_name)  in specified object and Top Object

required parameters
(pr_id) for single property or (ob_top_id or ob_top_name) to specify Top Object and  (pr_name) to specify property name
optional parameters
(ob_id and ob_name) to specify child object
response format
parameter reference

ob_top_id – Top Object id, unique

ob_top_name – Top Object name, not unique

ob_id – object id, unique

ob_name – object name, unique across Top Object

pr_id – property id, unique

pr_name – property name, not unique

pr_type – property type, allowed values: string, date, decimal, list

pr_subtype – id of property list, if pr_type is list, otherwise empty

pr_value – value of the property

pr_postfix – suffix added after property value

pr_seq_num – order id, lowest id are displayed at the top of the list

pr_icon_type – icon used for property, string allowed values are described here

pr_icon_color – color of the icon, allowed values are: (“#3F77AF”,”#57AA88″,”#E9B56B”,”#CA4A36″,”#676767″,”#854EA2″)

pr_text1… pr_text5 – text fields not used in Catchr application, but can be set and retrieved via REST API